PG Certificate in Medical Management

Information regarding PG Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE disasters programme (PGCMDM))


Dear Colleagues


The term CBRNE stands for ‘Chemical Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive’. Disasters related to such agents can occur accidently. However, when used intentionally they become agents of mass destruction. CBRNE disasters are ill-understood, diagnosis is difficult and very little management tools exist to manage these disasters, including medical management. Medical management of CBRNE disasters require specific knowledge and skill set that is not covered in the undergraduate curriculum. India is particularly vulnerable to CBRNE attacks. Thus, society and governments need to create special provisions to deal with them.


In light of the above facts, IGNOU in collaboration with Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and active support from Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) have developed a 6 months PG Certificate programme in Medical Management of CBRNE disasters through open and distance learning for MBBS doctors.Please see the attchment which carries detailed information


Programme objectives:


After completing the programme, the learner should be able to:


  • 1. comprehend the parameters, enormity and complexity of CBRNE threat from a medical perspective

  • 2. describe the impact of chemical, radiological, biological, explosive and nuclear agents on human health

  • 3. assess the health effects of a CBRNE scenario using external and internal assessment tools

  • 4.discuss regarding the medical counter measures, detection equipments and SOPs of medical management of CBRNE impacts.

  • 5. deliver first aid and initiate immediate life saving responses to a CBRNE disaster

  • 6. develop competencies on protection, mitigation and medical management of CBRNE casualties

  • 7. get sensitized about the current R&D initiatives and future directions.


Target Group


  • 1. Medical personnel & students engaged in or interested in disaster medical management

  • 2. Doctors in armed forces, police forces, health services, railways, airports/ports, & NDRF or State disaster forces who have to or can be called on to respond in face of CBRNE disasters.

  • 3. Doctors working in or for organizations considered vulnerable to CBRN attacks or accidents such as industrial complexes, Shrines, melas, areas prone to terror attacks, border towns etc.

  • 4. Faculty in all large and medium-large hospitals (public & corporate sector)

  • 5. Medical Management staff of all referral hospitals

  • 6. Retired doctors who want to contribute to the Nation’s strength & medical security in CBRN. 


You are requested to disseminate the information through your networks.


with regards

Dr Umesh Chandra Pandey

Regional Director
Indira Gandhi National Open University

12, Arera Hills

Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh(India)



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