AIIMS Bhopal is ready to start radiotherapy services

 AIIMS Bhopal is ready to start radiotherapy services for the cancer patients on 20/11/19. The installation and regulatory requirements of Linear Accelarator (Lineac) has now been completed and external radiotherapy treatment will be initiated. This will be the first linear accelerator in Govt. set up in Madhya Pradesh. Very soon internal radiation (brachytherapy) services also will be available. The cost of treatment will be as per the pattern of AIIMS New Delhi and patients in Ayushman Bharat will be as per the packages of Ayushman Bharat Yojna. 

Patients of central India (and beyond) will be immensely benefitted with the introduction of this service and this will be helpful to correct the regional imbalance of cancer treatment facilities. Radiotherapy is an integral component of cancer care and more than 60% of cancer patients would need radiation either for cure or palliation during the course of their cancer treatment. Central India has very high burden of tobacco related head and neck cancer and womens' cancer (breast and gynecological cancer) and approximately 50 to 60 patients who requires radiation treatment visit the hospital every month for different sites of cancer. This number is expected to increase in near future. Institute is also in the process of establishing comprehensive cancer treatment center and this will improve the cancer care services of the region. 

The first patient will be taken to therapy at 11.00 AM in the distinguished presence of Director, AIIMS, Bhopal.

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