'Strive to learn something new today'

'Education' which implies a holistic approach to learning and which is concerned with the total development of an individual as a person, is the quintessence of Montfortian education. It aims at developing the body, mind and spirit to the greatest extent.

St. Louis Marie De Montfort, the founder of the society of the Brothers of St. Gabriel founded the society in 1707 in France. He was inspired and moved by the greatest teacher of all times –Jesus Christ. The Brothers of St. Montfort undertake to live a spirituality of contentment, sufficiency, compassion, equality and justice to promote the quality of life. Their life and mission is directed towards human promotion and to usher in value based transformation in the society. The Brothers thus ensure selfless service to humanity through various services such as being teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, technicians, scientists, artists, social activists etc. enabling them to become agents and leaders of social transformation through their altruistic life and the mission of educator.

To honour such a great man of service, St. Montfort School, Bhopal organised various competitions on 14 December as the Montfort Education Day.

For classes I and II – Drawing competitions was held on 'Saint Montfort'

For classes III to V—Quiz competition was held on the 'Values of St. Montfort'.

For classes VI to VIII—essay competition was held on the topic 'St. Montfort as a teacher'

For classes IX and X-speech competition was held on  'Montfortian Family'.

Each student participated enthusiastically and with devotion as they are committed to the institution and the society.

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